Panetiere Marketing Advisors’ goal for a hotel website is to capture more than the fair share of the market's online consumer business. All the markets, all the nearby locales, all the niche markets.

The hotel website design will be unconventional.
It will be a big, really big hotel website.

We will write 90% of the hotel website.
We know how to do it. We know how to persuade. We know how to engage and focus.

We do not follow the pack. Our data, our results show us that the less beaten path is more valuable, on all levels.

The hotel website will not be written in 3rd person "corpo-speak".

The hotel website will persuade - not push.

This is our opportunity to beat the big brands. Not follow them in their limited, small vision websites.
Let's beat them. The web is our tool.

    • Potential Audiences to be reached with a website re-build with SEO.

      This is a sample of how we approach the hotel's markets.

    • IBT
      • Corp Preferred
        • Top 30 accounts
        • Top 10 Targets
        • Local rates on the BE and core National Accounts on the BE
      • Corporate Transient - use a rate with a value add - - we find that a printer in room is great ( Brother - costs $75 plus $8 for an easy refill)
      • Consultants - use a rate plus value add -- we find that a printer in room is great ( Brother - costs $75 plus $8 for an easy refill)
      • Gray Collar - tech, software, reps | use corporate consultant rate
      • Medium term Stay: 5-21 Days - build a rate and a value add
      • Value Adds to Pull from Residence INN
        • Do you want to do a managers reception in the evening like all the limited service hotels - low cost and high value
        • Add a $12 (say) coupon toward a meal in restaurant
        • Printer in room
        • Free use of board meeting rooms according to availability
        • Use of Van to drop guests anywhere they need to go within 5 mile radius plus train stations.
        • No need for car rental.
    • Government
      • Nearby facilities?
    • Group:
      • Corp
      • Training
      • Get-together
      • Sales Meetings
      • Conventions/ Convention Promoters
      • Meetings and events
      • Seminars
      • Interviews
      • Litigation
      • Deposition
      • Training
      • Classes
      • Sales Meeting
      • Trade Show
      • Vendor Fair
      • Product Launch
      • College Recruiting
      • Group: Other
      • Sports Team - rate plus value add - overnight uniform cleaning plus room to show videos of match + ( welcome cake and juice is a good one) -- these really help to pull market share

        and on and on -